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Application Settings

In the menu on the left side of pCon.basket Online you find the general Settings. This is where you set application language as well as quote language. The quote language applies to all subsequent projects. For the current project, set the quote language in the header data.

In addition, you set the length unit. It is needed for dimensioning, for the display in the property editor and the correct transfer of length specifications from the article data.

The checkbox Compatibility mode for 3D representation solves problems with the 3d representation of articles as well as performance issues with 3d models. A restart of the pCon.basket is necessary to activate this setting.

On the Quote tab, you can decide here whether a query should be made before deleting articles.

Price Conditions (pCon.basket PRO and Integration edition)

On the Price Conditions tab, discounts for individual manufacturers or catalogs can be set. Discounts can be set for an individual manufacturer or, after selecting a manufacturer, for a distinct product series. It is also possible to assign different discount values to different series of a manufacturer.

Use the + button to open a dialog where you can select a manufacturer or product series. Then specify the discount on the purchase and/or sales price and confirm with Apply.

Set surcharges for the prices by clicking the minus button in front of the percentage value. It then becomes a plus symbol and the entered percentage value is calculated as a surcharge.

Note: Surcharges or discounts do not add up. If you set a global discount for a manufacturer and a differing discount for one product line of this manufacturer, these values will not be added together. The series discount alone applies to the differently discounted series, but not the global discount of the manufacturer.

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