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Menu Startowe

In the CE as well as the PRO edition the pCon.basket Online starts from the Dashboard. The Integration edition starts directly from the offer view.

In the PRO and the CE edition you can use the dashboard to:

  • Tworzyć nowe oferty
  • Open an existing offer via Microsoft Office 365
  • Import a quote: open locally saved offer (OBK, OBX, PBOX, PEC)

After creating an offer/selecting an existing offer you will see the offer view with toolbar and article list.

pCon.basket CE and PRO: Abypowrócić do pulpitu nawigacji z menu startowym, kliknij opcję Strona Główna z rozwijalnego menu w prawym górnym rogu. This opens a menu through which you can return to the dashboard (Back to Home), create a new project or open/import a project.

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