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Chcete-li přizpůsobit šablonu PDF pro seznam artiklů, klikněte na tlačítko Výkaz na panelu nástrojů. Na stránce Výkaz můžete definovat obsah a uspořádání hotové nabídky.

In pCon.basket PRO and in the Integration edition, you can specify here which texts are to be displayed in the report, whether sub-articles are to be displayed and whether positions within set articles are to be listed. You also decide how prices, discounts and surcharges are displayed.

In the CE edition you can define whether taxes will be displayed in the PDF file.

Uložit jako výchozí

Nastavení šablony můžete uložit kliknutím na ikonu uložit Save vpravo od textu. Toto nastavení Šablony bude poté využíváno pro vaše budoucí nabídky.

Download Report/Send Report:

You can either download the completed report or send it via e-mail.

  • Download report: Click on Download Report at the lower left corner of the Report page. This will open a new browser window with a PDF page containing the offer. In the upper right corner you will find a download button, which you can use to save the form locally.
  • Send report: Click the downward pointing arrow to the right of the Download Form button. The Send Report button appears. Clicking it will open a new email in your mail program with a share link to the offer PDF. You can send this to the recipients of your choice.
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