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pCon.basket PRO: Export to OEX file

Manufacturer selection for export via OEX file

The OEX option in pCon.basket PRO allows you to select individual manufacturers of your offer for export. After clicking on Export > OEX Export a dialog opens. Here you specify whether you want to

  • Export all manufacturers: All manufacturers will be written to a file for internal sharing and editing.
  • Select a single manufacturer for export: Do so by clicking on the respective brand name. This is relevant for external orders or quotations.

In both cases, confirm the process by clicking on Order Data.


The Project Order dialog opens. This is where you enter the data for the order - such as main address, delivery address, etc. You conclude the process by clicking on Send Order.

Alternatively, you can download your order using the button Download Order to the right of Send Order.

Note: In the Order Data tab of the Project Order dialog you will find the two fields Vendor number and Client number. You fill these in as follows:

  • Vendor number: Your internal ID for the manufacturer
  • Client number: The internal ID that the manufacturer uses for you
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