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This manual explains all important basic functions of the pCon.basket Online. As the pCon.basket Online can be modified for optimal integration into your infrastructure, it is possible that some of the features presented have been deactivated.

pCon.basket is available in the following editions:

  • CE edition: edition for members of the pCon-Community
  • PRO edition: edition with additional features, subject to a charge
  • Integration edition: customized edition for integration in company infrastructure

Full range of features of the different editions.

New features in pCon.basket Online.

If you are using the CE edition of the pCon.basket Online and would like to use the extended features of pCon.basket PRO or the Integration edition, please contact your pCon partner.

Tip: Find additional tutorials on our YouTube channel

GETTING STARTED with pCon.basket PRO | pCon.basket PRO Tutorial

This video will help you get to know the basics of pCon.basket Pro: We'll show you how to create your first project. Insert and configure articles, make calculations, enter header data and finally create an appealing form!

Registration for the pCon.basket Online

pCon.basket PRO and CE

Users of the pCon.basket PRO or CE have to register via pCon.login. pCon.login is your central user account for pCon services and applications. The central login allows you to use your data across devices and applications.

Your contact information as well as your company logo for use in pCon.basket Online are obtained from pCon.login. Your contact information is automatically stored in the Person in Charge section of the Header Data. Predefined header and footer texts for your offers can also centrally be called up for your pCon.login organization. More information: Chapters dashboard and header data.

Note: For logging in via pCon.login, the PRO edition of pCon.basket Online requires a license. If you have any questions about this, please contact your pCon partner.

Integration edition

As users of the Integration edition, the login process depends on the individual integration of pCon.basket into your company network.

pCon.basket PRO and CE: Connection with Microsoft Office 365

You can also connect with Microsoft Office 365 for working with pCon.basket PRO or CE. This allows you to access your contacts stored there. Furthermore you can save and open projects via Office 365.

Tip: Find additional tutorials on our YouTube channel

Store article lists online and import customer information | pCon.basket Tutorial

In this video we will show you how to save your quotes to OneDrive and import your customers' information from Outlook.
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