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Product Information

On the right side of the pCon.basket Online you will see the Product Information window. It provides sales information on the selected item - All data held available by the manufacturer, such as article text, variant text, offer texts, product brochures and assembly instructions. Images of the product or contact information and many other data are available there.

The information can be copied or saved locally.

Use images from the product information in the article list: Drag&drop an image from the product information onto the image in the image column of the article list that you want to replace.

To show or hide the Product Information window, please use the button at the top right of the pCon.basket Online (Icon Produktinformation).

Internal notes

If required, you can enter internal notes for the current article at the lower end of the Product Information area. The icon is added to the article tree for each position that has an internal note available. The content of the note is displayed as soon as you move the mouse button over this icon.

Internal notes are not integrated to the report or to your exports.

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