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Update Articles

The icon to the left of an article indicates if your article information is up to date:

Icon Name Background
Up to date Up to Date The article and its configuration are supported. Prices and texts are up to date.
Updateable Updatable Article and configuration are supported by current data. Prices and texts have not yet been updated.
Migratable Migratable The article is contained in the current product data. Configuration is not supported.
Unknown It has not yet been determined whether the article is supported by the manufacturer’s current product data.
Invalid Invalid The article is no longer available within the current data.

To update more than one article at a time, please use the Update articles button:

  1. Use multi-selection to select the desired articles from the article list.
  2. Click on Update articles within the 3 dots menu above the article list.

Why update?

Updating articles is the comparison of article data. For example, if you’re looking to make changes to an old project and want to check beforehand if the included items are still available, you can use Update articles.

You can also use Update articles if you want to offer a previously-created project with current prices and new configuration options. In this case, Update articles will quickly bring you up to date.

As soon as you change an article property, the article’s data will automatically be updated.

Changes to the Article Calculation and article texts will not be overwritten by the update.

View and change the price date for articles

Once you have selected an article, you can read its price date of an article in the product information window at the right side of the pCon.basket.

You change the price date as follows:

  1. Right-click on one or more selected articles in the article list on the left.
  2. The context menu opens. Click Update articles.
  3. The dialog Update articles opens, where you have the following options:
    • Saved date: Update uses the price date saved on the article.
    • Today's date: Update uses today's date as the price date.
    • Date: Enter a date
  4. If you select today's date or a free date, please specify in the dialog whether you want to Update the default price date of the project.
  5. Click OK to update the article with the set price date.
Tip: Find additional tutorials on our YouTube channel

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Make your offers binding! By updating the items in the list and paying attention to the icons, you can be sure that the right products are being offered at the right price.
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