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Structure Article List

Structure your article list using the various items.

Position Background
Article Position with manufacturer and article data and graphic representation.
Folder (PRO and Integration edition) Positions can be combined in a folder, for example according to rooms, workstations, seating groups…
User Article (PRO and Integration edition) Articles without manufacturer and article data. These will be added by the user.
Set Article (PRO and Integration edition) Combine several articles to one article position. Add information about manufacturer, series, article description, quantity and text. The price of the set article is automatically calculated according to the articles contained (including quantities and discounts).

The sub-items can be hidden in the report.
Text (PRO and Integration edition) Structuring the list with additional information and instructions on the offer.
  • Multi selection: CTRL + click on desired positions
  • Drag&Drop: Click and hold desired position(s); move to new location in list by moving the mouse

The blue markers in the article list provide orientation for drag and drop.

  • Blue line below: Article is inserted below the position
  • Blue line above: Article is inserted above the position
  • Blue brackets: Article is inserted as sub-position
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