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10 Essential Shortcuts in pCon.basket | pCon.basket PRO Tutorial

Efficiency is key to a successful way of working, especially in a digital environment. This is where shortcuts come into play - small key combinations that can have a big impact on productivity. In this Video we introduce some of the most important shortcuts in pCon.basket that are specifically tailored to working within the article list.

Shortcuts for Article List

Open Manual F1
Article List
Rename selected positions F2
Create new folder F3
Create new user article F4
Create new text position F5
Open catalog F6 or CTRL + I
Create set article F7
Select all positions CTRL + A
Deselect all positions CTRL + SHIFT + A
Copy positions CTRL + C
Paste copied positions CTRL + V
Cut selected positions CTRL + X
Delete selected positions DEL
Move selection up CTRL + Cursor up
Move selection down CTRL + Cursor down
Outdent selection CTRL + Cursor left
Indent selection CTRL + Cursor right

Note for Mac users: Please use COMMAND key instead of CTRL.

General note: On some notebooks, the Fn key must be pressed in addition to F2.

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