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Price Conditions (pCon.basket PRO)

Define profiles for your price conditions via the Manage Price Conditions page. Price conditions are used to set discounts or surcharges. Profiles for price conditions can be set for individual manufacturers or, after selecting a manufacturer, for a distinct product series. It is also possible to assign different discount values to different series of a manufacturer.

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How to manage PRICE CONDITIONS for purchase and sales prices | pCon.basket PRO Tutorial

Whether you are an administrator or a member of an organization, we will show you how to create and manage profiles for price conditions. We explain in detail which price conditions you can add, both for internal and external purchase and sales prices.

Create Profile and Price Conditions

  1. Click the +-Symbol on the Manage Price Conditions page. This will open the window Add Condition.
  2. Select a manufacturer from the Manufacturer ID drop-down menu.
  3. If needed, select a series from the Series ID menu.
  4. Set discounts or surchcharges.
  5. Confirm by clicking OK.

To define different conditions for individual series from one manufacturer, repeat the procedure.

Types of Conditions

  1. Purchase Price – internal: condition for changing the manufacturer's list price
  2. Purchase Price – external: condition that your company receives from the manufacturer
  3. Sales Price – internal: internal sales price calculation, does not appear on the quote
  4. Sales Price – external: condition for changing the sales price for the end customer

Global and Personal Price Conditions

Manage Price Conditions via pCon.login

pCon.login administrators set and manage price conditions globally for all users of an organization. While creating a new profile, the admin decides whether the profile will be visible globally or for the administrator account only.

Personal Price Conditions

You can create your individual price condition profiles via the Manage Price Conditions page on the dashboard of pCon.basket Online.

Apply Price Conditions

Use the star icon on the Manage Price Conditions page to set the selected profile as default profile for your future projects.

Select Price Conditions for your Current Project

The profile for your current project is selected via the Header Data. The price conditions section providey access to the global as well as your individual profiles.

Note: Surcharges or discounts do not add up. If you set a global discount for a manufacturer and a differing discount for one product line of this manufacturer, these values will not be added together. The series discount alone applies to the differently discounted series, but not the global discount of the manufacturer.

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