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Article Calculation (PRO and Integration edition)

Open the article calculation by selecting an article and clicking on Article Calculation at the bottom of the pCon.basket Online. There you can change the quantity and price of the article and define percentage discounts and surcharges (see Header Calculation).

On the Article Calculation page, you also enter discounts or surcharges. Whether a surcharge or a discount is to be defined is determined by the round button directly in the input field of the lines for markups or discounts. Clicking on it changes its appearance and function.

  • The plus icon indicates a surcharge.
  • A discount is defined as a minus icon.

If required, insert additional rows for discounts or surcharges: Click the Plus icon at the top left corner of the table and select a percentage or absolute discount from the drop-down menu. Inserted calculation lines can be deleted again directly at the table line.

All values written in blue are editable.

Note: If you confirm your entries with Enter, you automatically jump to the next input field.

Hidden Discounts

By means of the Percent discount and Absolute discount lines in the Sale table, you define hidden discount or upcharge for an article. These conditions are not displayed in your price calculation on the report. Instead, they define the base sales price.

This base sales price, in turn, is the basis for all other markups and discounts that you define in the Sales table - below the Gross Value line. These are listed on the report.

Define Ecotax (for the French market):

You can change the Ecotax for individual articles. In the article view, switch to the Properties tab and enter net weight and Ecotax in the input fields on the right. It is not necessary to convert your articles to user articles beforehand.

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